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11 2、保持手卫生。 2.Keep your hands sanitized.
12 减少接触公共场所的公共物品和部位。 Try to avoid touching public objects and parts in public areas.
13 从公共场所返回、咳嗽手捂之后、饭前便后,用洗手液或香皂流水洗手,或者使用含酒精成分的免洗洗手液。 After returning from public areas, covering your cough, using the restroom, and before meals, please wash your hands with soap or liquid soap under running water, or use alcoholic hand sanitizer.
14 不确定手是否清洁时,避免用手接触口鼻眼。 Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes when you are unsure whether your hands are clean or not.
15 打喷嚏或咳嗽时,用衣肘遮住口鼻。 Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when sneeze or cough.
16 三、健康监测和就医 III. Health Monitoring and Seeking Medical Attention
17 1、主动做好个人与家庭成员的健康监测。 1. Monitor the health conditions of your family members and yourself.
18 自觉发热时要主动测量体温。 Measure your temperatures when you feel like having a fever.
19 家中有小孩的,要早晚摸小孩的额头,如有发热要为其测量体温。 If you have kid(s) at home, touch the kid’s forehead in the morning and at night. Measure the kid’s temperature in case of fever.
20 2、若出现可疑症状,应主动戴上口罩及时就近就医。 2. Wear a mask and seek medical attention at nearby hospitals in case of suspicious symptoms.