ID 原文 译文
21 若出现新型冠状病毒感染可疑症状(包括发热、咳嗽、咽痛、胸闷、呼吸困难、轻度纳差、乏力、精神稍差、恶心呕吐、腹泻、头痛、心慌、结膜炎、轻度四肢或腰背部肌肉酸痛等),应根据病情,及时到医疗机构就诊。 Go to medical institution in a timely manner in case of the suspicious symptoms relating to the pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus are found. Such symptoms include fever, cough, pharyngalgia, chest distress, dyspnea, mildly poor appetite, feebleness, mild lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, headache, palpitation, conjunctivitis, mildly sore limb or back muscles, etc.
22 并尽量避免乘坐地铁、公共汽车等交通工具,避免前往人群密集的场所。 Try to avoid taking metro, bus and other public transportation and visiting crowded areas.
23 就诊时应主动告诉医生自己的相关疾病流行地区的旅行居住史,以及发病后接触过什么人,配合医生开展相关调查。 Tell the doctor your travel and residence history in epidemic areas, and who you met after you got the disease. Cooperate with your doctor on the relevant queries.
24 四、保持良好卫生和健康习惯 IV. Keep Good Hygiene and Health Habits
25 1、居室勤开窗,经常通风。 1. Frequently open the windows of your house for better ventilation.
26 2、家庭成员不共用毛巾 2. Do not share towels with your family members.
27 保持家居、餐具清洁 Keep your home and tableware clean.
28 勤晒衣被 Sun-cure your clothes and quilts often.
29 3、不随地吐痰, 3. Do not spit.
30 口鼻分泌物用纸巾包好,弃置于有盖垃圾箱内。 Wrap your oral and nasal secretion with tissue and throw it in a covered dustbin.