ID 原文 译文
31 4、注意营养,适度运动。 4. Balance your nutrition and exercise moderately.
32 5、不要接触、购买和食用野生动物(即野味) 5. Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals (gamey).
33 尽量避免前往售卖活体动物的市场。 Try to avoid visiting markets that sell live animals.
34 6、家庭备置体温计、医用外科口罩或N95口罩、家用消毒用品等物资。 6. Prepare thermometer, surgical or N95 masks, domestic disinfectant and other supplies at home.
35  (公共场所)消毒、通风以及体温检测   disinfection, ventilation and body temperature monitoring (in public areas)
36 N95口罩   N95 mask/respirator
37 避免去人多的地方   avoid crowds
39 病毒变异   virus variation
40 病毒的蔓延   spread of a virus
41 病毒分离   virus isolation